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Global Leaders Programme

All students at Summer Boarding Courses at Eton College will participate in our “Global Leaders” programme. Students will take part in 10 hours of leadership development each week, giving them the opportunity to reflect, discover their personal leadership style and learn how to motivate others.

  • 10 hours leadership development per week
  • Reflective log
  • Mixture of classroom and practical learning
  • End of course leadership report

Developing 21st Century Skills

Global Leaders is an innovative leadership programme designed to promote key 21st century skills. Through engaging in active and practical activities, students will be encouraged to develop the leadership, teamwork and communication skills that will enable them to succeed as leaders in the 21st century.

Understanding Leadership

During the programme students will tackle key questions, including “What is Leadership?” and “What makes a good leader?”. Students will explore these questions through a series of presentations, workshops, case studies and practical sessions.

What Kind Of Leader Am I?

The programme recognises that there are two key branches to good leadership – a clear sense of self and bringing others along with me. Students will be guided to reflect on their purpose, values, what they want to achieve and what kind of leader they want to be.

Bringing People With Me

An essential part of leadership is motivating others to follow you. Throughout the programme students will have the opportunity to put their leadership skills in to practice by both leading and being part of a team. Students will be encouraged to record their experiences throughout the processes ensuring they leave the programme with a direction and the tools required to propel them to becoming global leaders in the 21st century.

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