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Smiling SBC Students in a classroom at SBC

At a Glance

  • Course Length: 2 weeks
  • Hours of Tuition: 20 hours per week
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 students
  • Age Range: 12 to 16 years
  • Level Required: Intermediate and above
  • Suitable For: Students interested in any future study or career which necessitates an advanced level of English.

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Smiling SBC Students in a classroom at SBC
SBC student practising her English speaking skills in a lesson

Why Choose General English?

General English is ideal for students who wish to improve their English for use in both day-to-day interactions and for academic purposes. Our teachers use a broad range of modern teaching methodologies that focus on developing confidence and ability in English, giving students the tools that they need to both communicate and study effectively. Activating language through usage is central to language learning so students will always practice what they have learnt during their lessons with the engaging and challenging tasks provided by their teachers.

Improving Language Skills

Through our dynamic and communicative lessons, students will develop their ability to use appropriate vocabulary and grammar in both a spoken and written form. General English builds on all language skills and gives the tools needed to use English effectively in the many scenarios that students are presented with in real life including in practical and educational surroundings.

SBC time to shine presentation skills workshop

Making It Real – 21st Century Skills

We are passionate about helping students to understand and develop the skills needed for education and employment in the 21st Century. Being able to use English successfully is not only a question of choosing the appropriate register, vocabulary and grammar but also of being able to understand, evaluate and critique information available and to respond appropriately to others. Collaboration and communication are key skills which our students develop through participation in authentic and challenging tasks where they really need to put team working skills into to get the best possible results.

SBC time to shine presentation skills workshop

How You’ll Learn: Time to Shine

Being able to communicate your thoughts and opinions effectively is an important skill for for achieving academic and professional success. Our Time to Shine programme involves collaborative project work, including formal verbal presentations, debate, sales and advertising promotion and multi-media presentation. We provide a supportive and collaborative environment that gives students the freedom to explore projects creatively and independently, discovering a confidence that enables them to get their message across passionately and professionally.

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